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Terry Stout

As an undergraduate, Terry majored in Psychology at San Francisco State University. Upon graduation, he was commissioned and served a tour of duty as a Navy pilot and subsequently became an airline pilot, which served him well for more than 38 years. Terry Stout also has a Doctorate of Metaphysical Science in Psychology, two master's degrees, and licenses/certifications as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Marriage and Family Therapist, Pastoral Psychologist, Grief Recovery Specialist and EMDR Practitioner. He has been in private practice as a Psychotherapist for over thirty-five years.

As part of his internship for his master's degree, he worked with people who had life-threatening illnesses and continued working with them for over twelve years. Working with the dying and their families brought him in direct contact with the realities beyond physical experience. Those with life-threatening illnesses he calls his greatest teachers. The experience of his daughter's death took him beyond grief counseling to Grief Recovery, for which he has developed a passion. He has learned in private practice that unresolved grief is something we all carry. In recent years, he served for two years as a Hospice chaplain.

Terry has studied the world's religions to find the "golden thread" that runs through them. He then broadened his interest and learned (and has experienced) the wisdom of the Inuit, the Hopi, the Inka, the Shinto and the Hawaiian traditions. He realized that the philosophies and practices of these indigenous groups are actually ancient wisdom, offering us relevant guidance for living our lives more fully in our modern world. This knowledge has become an integral part of Terry's teachings and practice, both personally and with clients.

Since 2001, Terry has been a student and teacher of the Inka Medicine Wheel (Chakana). He realized that this ancient wisdom was true Depth Psychology and Whole Being Integration and has incorporated this beautiful psychological model into his private practice. Terry and Rose have traveled several times to Peru, where they were married by the Inka (Q'ero) elders, trained with them, and spent time with them, by invitation, in their village high in the Andes. Terry is a full Mesa Carrier in the Inka tradition, and has a passion for bringing the ancient wisdom and the rites to others in the true spirit of Ayni (unconditional giving) and Munay (Love), which are the guiding life principles of the Inka. Both Terry and Rose bring the uniqueness of their individual and combined spirits to this teaching and work..


Rose Stout

Rose Stout graduated with a bachelor's degree in Math and spent twenty-eight years working with highly specialized computer information systems in California. She did volunteer work with the Center for Attitudinal Healing (working with people before and after their loved ones passed on) and at a major hospital (working with babies in the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit). She knew she was missing a fulfillment of the heart in her work life, so after marrying Terry and moving to Durango, Colorado, she followed several callings that have brought her closer to her heart's desire and her life purpose.

She trained as a Massage Therapist and Healing Therapy practitioner and is certified in both modalities. No longer practicing (due to an injury), she is currently developing her interest in and knowledge of the eight Celtic seasons, offering celebrations and ceremonies in honor of each unique season and the meaning that it has in the natural world and in our lives. This has deepened her appreciation of and connection with the cycle of nature, with ceremony and with community.

She is a co-facilitator for Grief Recovery Workshops that she and Terry offer. She brings to these workshops her experience at The Center for Attitudinal Healing, her first-hand personal knowledge of the grief process and her kind and gentle spirit. She and Terry together create a loving space for those who want to do the personal work necessary to move on in their lives.

In 2002, she and Terry started their training in the Inka Medicine Wheel. They have taken several trips to Peru and have trained in a Masters program for the Medicine Wheel (the Path of the Sage). Rose and Terry have a passion for doing this work together and giving the Inka rites. They have become attuned to recognizing the universal truths that are found in indigenous cultures worldwide. Over the past several years, Rose and Terry have participated in the International Gathering of Shamans - in Ireland, England, Molokai, Greece and Iceland. In 2018, they led a group of people to Peru, visiting sites in the Sacred Valley and Lake Titicaca. In 2019, they co-led a group of people to Japan to start paving the way for bringing the Medicine Wheel to Japan. They practice the principles of the Medicine Wheel in their daily lives and are anxious to share this ancient wisdom with others. Rose is a full Mesa Carrier in the Inka tradition.



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